Better comfort and optimal savings

Better comfort

The SpeedComfort is the solution to greater comfort in your home. 

  • The speedcomfort ventilator draws heat from your radiator, heating the room quicker and more evenly.
  • Because the SpeedComfort allowes hot air to flow into the room quickly, less heat remains around the radiator, creating a more balanced room temperature.
  • By slowly circulating air through the room, SpeedComfort prevents warm air to rise up to the ceiling. 

Save on energy bills 

SpeedComfort helps contribute to significantly save money on your energy bills. This is because of several smart properties: 

  • The SpeedComfort allowes you to lower the water temperature of your central heating, saving energy. 
  • Lower water temperature of your central heating means less heat loss through the piping system. 
  • Rooms heat up quicker with SpeedComfort, allowing the boiler to switch off quicker. 
  • Hydronic balancing of your central heating also saves a fair amount of energy.

Save up to 30% energy in three steps: 

1. Installing SpeedComfort

To make optimal use of the enery saving opportunities that SpeedComfort can achieve, it is essential to select the right radiators and/or convectors in your home. They are usually located in livingroom areas.

Depending on the length of your radiators, it is possible to connect up to three Speedcomfort ventilators to one power source using the 30cm extension cables.

Longer extension cables (60 cm and 120 cm) are sold seperately. This allows you to cover longer distances such as with bay windows. These cables can also be used to extend the adaptor cable when the sockets are too far to reach. 

 For longer radiators and convectors it is possible to connect up to twenty SpeedComfort ventilators to one power source. Special extension sets are available in the webshop, consisting of one SpeedComfort device and an extension cable.

Depending on the nearest location of the wall socket, the SpeedComfort can be installed with the powersource either on the left or right side. 

If you would like to test the SpeedComfort first, please do so on a radiator or convector with the right measurements and at least adjust the water temperature of your central heating. 

2. Lower radiated temperature

Once your SpeedComforts have been installed, it is essential to lower the temperature of your central heating system. Usually this is on standard factory settings: 80-85 degrees Celsius. The SpeedComfort can make more effcient use of warm water creating a comfortable room temperature on lower water temperature settings. 

Optimal settings depend on several factors such as isolation in your home and the quality of your central heating system. You can start lowering the setpoint temperature to 60 degrees Celsius. You can then try changing the settings step by step until you have reached a suitable water temperature.

If you are having trouble changing the water temperature, please consult a heating engineer near you. 

3. Hydronic Balancing

Central heating installations are usually not balanced optimally, resulting in inefficient use of energy: the room temperature varies constantly or radiators remain cold.

Hydronic Balancing (HB) is essential to ensure proper functioning of central heating systems.

HB optimizes the distribution of water in a heating system so providing the optimal indoor climate. 

By using an ajusting screw for the radiator valve, presetting the thermosthat or using a seperate valve the water flow through the radiator can be increased or decreased. Balancing an installation is a complicated and involved procedure. 

Only a limited amount of heating engineers offer this specific service.