SpeedComfort Basic - Trio set

Trio set, suitable for for radiators from 120 cm in length. 

  • 3 x SpeedComfort
  • 1 x 12V Adapter, cord length: 1.80m
  • 1 x External thermostat switch with magnet attachment, cord length: 0.60m
  • 2 x connection cable: 30 cm

Note: the gap between the radiator panels must be at least 70 mm. Brackets are available for smaller radiators.. The same SpeedComfort will then become the Narrow.

Order directly with discount Tonzon radiator foil. This will prevent heat dissipating through the external wall. And pushes the heat from the SpeedComfort back into your room. A complimentary effort.

Normally €164,95. Now for:

Price: € 149,95

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