Radiators are constructed by one or more panels holding aluminium fins. The fins increase the contact surface area with the ambient air and act as a heat exchanger.

The SpeedComfort B version is designed for type 21 radiators or wider. The distance between the radiator panels varies, depending on the type. The SpeedComfort B is 70mm wide and has to be placed between the two radiator panels. Therefore the radiator width is very important. 

The SpeedComfort B is designed to be  connected to the underside of the radiator, where it is invisible. However, it will also operate when placed on top. Often radiators have a cover on top. The SpeedComfort can be placed underneath this cover, where it remains out of sight. Keep in mind that this exposes the SpeedComfort to higher temperatures, which may slightly limit its life.

Extension sets are available, allowing you to connect up to six devices onto a single power source.

Some older radiators do not have convection fins between the plates and are therefore less suitable. SpeedComfort is also not suitable for cast iron radiators.

For more narrow radiators (less than 70mm in width) we recommend using the SpeedComfort N[arrow].

The SpeedComfort C[onvector] can be used for convection radiators. The speedcomfort C has an external temperature sensitive switch which can be mounted to the warm water supply pipe.