One side of the SpeedComfort holds a temperature-sensitive switch which ensures that it only turns on and begins to circulate air when the radiator temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. The device will also automatically switch off when the radiator cools down to 25 degrees Celsius.

The SpeedComfort B has been specially designed to be mounted to the underside of the radiator, where it is invisible. However the SpeedComfort can also be placed on top. Often radiators have a cover on top. The SpeedComfort can be placed underneath this cover, where it remains out of sight. Keep in mind that this exposes the SpeedComfort to higher temperatures, which may slightly limit its life.

It often occurs that radiators do not heat up property down to the base, because central heating installations are usually not balanced optimally. This does require some expertise and is not considered as a standard procedure. 

  Here  you will find a list of heating engineers who can help you with hydraulic balancing of your central heating.
If the temperature remains less than 33 degrees Celsius, the SpeedComfort will not operate.